Xzavia stryda, was born in northwest London and still is currently in NW  


Xzavia Stryda 

was born in northwest London and still is currently in NW London. 
He got the name Xzavia when mcing and rap battles wasserious in college days. as they were lyrical groups such asgenisis, genosyde, vicelaw family and artist such as c-nile, nightfall, zeus, attitude, sizzle etc and djs like restless one,two razors etc.
he then was recruited with cnile(closest mc buddy) 

by vice law family, a group which had garage mcs, singers and uk rap artist.One vice law family founder went to jail for kidnappingso garage dj, razor, focused on garage djing only which lead the family

to collaspe.C-nile and Xzavia formed a group (cnx) and performed in harrow weald college, /bars and stanmore college. at an audition in Stanmore College, he met a a guy called ragime who was into producing beats, and thought about building own recording studio.

Xzavia was in process of recording 1st album which featured artist like cnile, oriental, shirene, attitude, q etc but got into motorbikes and focused on riding in 2002. 

the album was on hold because of lack of studio times. but ragime introduced him to g.i, Northwest London producerduringthe recording season, he had a major motorcycle accident in 2004 which left him in hospital for 2months and stayed home for 1year. 

When Xzavia recovered, he went back on the motorcycle, ragime had successfully built his studio so they started working with northwest mcs such as razor vaigz, seany p, chinxta, stealth unit, razor, gramz, smasha etc. as Xzavia was into motorbikes, he teamed up with street stunt bikers, such as awol riders, jon jon, ruff ryders uk to release a dvd of music and motorbikes mixed together called street rydaz story.

It had a good response as alot of people got involvedand we sold up to 1000 copies in UK excluding bootleggers. Xzavia street ryda was then recruited by ruff ryders UK by goose and hypaand introduced to bike groups such as supreme riders, cd riders, afletc.Xzavia then formed street rydaz, which has major and minor members but, street rydaz is a group of bikers Xzavia ride with in the whole London. Major members of street rydaz are mark.blade. daniel k4, rich zx, dj, sergi cbr, jo & ben and minor members, jon-jon mim, blacks, blackrob & co, glamour, goose, ruff ryders uk and co mkay and too many names to state.as time went on, one major member of streetrydaz died, daniel k4(r.i.p). (also not st.rydaz r.i.p ajay bike crashst.ryda.  Wix


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