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Born October 28, 1994  dance hall/ reggae crooner romario marshall otherwise known as 'Sprangtan' was born and raised in the historical community of Accompong (Maroon Town), St. Elizabeth, Jamaica west indies.


At a very tender age he enjoyed listening to the radio to memorize songs that he liked and would walk around singing them all day, so he was nicknamed 'Radio' .


He fell  involve with music so he sought to educate himself further as he saw that it could help to alleviate poverty and reflect the voice of the voiceless. 

The citizen then began to motivate and persuade him to continue  ' bus out youth' because he has a musical ancestory. 

He always keep in mind what they told him and so he believes that he has a never ending commitment to his love for music. Coined the term "Bad Bad"  Dem nuh ready enoh. Website


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