Education and background 

I was born on September the 30th 1990 at Kingston hospital. To my knowledge, after birth, I resided in the Sandy Bay district located in the parish of Clarendon with my mother, my two older brothers and my sister. As a child, I remember going to seven day basic school which is located in the community of sandy bay in the district of Rose Well, not too far from where I reside. I further graduated and went to Green Park primary and junior high where I did six years in the primary level. I then  graduated  began my secondary education.  

We (the student) had to do an examination to determine the school in which we move on to gain our secondary education. I was placed in Innswood High school which is located in the parish of St. Catherine. I did tree years at Innswood.  However, due to circumstances I fell out of school. After dropping out of school I started hustling (selling clothes, shoes, and several other accessories) to maintain myself and help my family financially. At this point, I started to see the realness of life and what life had to offer as it relates to masculinity and actually being “the man”.


The initial stage of my musical career

Growing up as a youngster in the parish of Clarendon in the district of Rose Hall, i have always had the dream to become an entertainer. When I was in my early teens, I started out as a dancer. Trying to pursue a career in dancing, entertaining a crowd was very easy, but I had the thought that something was missing and found that I had a passion for singing rather than to just dance. This feeling led to my musical career. I began composing Reggae and Dancehall music at about age 16. At this time I was not yet recording but I wrote several songs and begun performing at small dancehall events and parties. To my knowledge singing was a better way to entertain the crowd despite the fact that I found a way to not just sing but to also incorporate some of my dance moves while singing and this wowed the Crowd. Initially, most of my work was solo but at about age 20 I started to perform with popular Magnum artistes (A local yearly TV show second place artiste) by the name of Payne. 

At this time, my music was at its peak and I was growing fast in the musical world as during this time, I was being more exposed to different people and crowd in different parishes due to a variety of tours we went on. At this time I met artistes such as King of New York and Notorious.  A couple months after, I and Payne had our differences and the group broke apart. However, I continued writing songs and found other small groups were we composed music together. This group was comprised of family and close friends such; ‘Garrison youth, Mini Moh, White Knight, Wizka, Bling Knight and several other artistes in the area. King of New York along with Notorious saw something in me that no other artistes had and started to establish my music. They further gave me a connection with a producer and event planner of Rally Back Entertainment in New York who is also a solid believer in my musical career. 


As an entertainer, yes! My hobbies are dancing and singing, but I also enjoy playing dominos and discussing important social matters of culture. My favorite colors are brown and black. Additionally, I enjoy eating sea foods such as fish, conch, and 

Producer Skybad teams up with Spangy British on ‘Badness Records

Highly regarded producer Christopher Wright, aka 'Skybad', has teamed up with Squash for the release of the single Nuff Time. 

The song, which is the first single to be released on Skybad's first studio album Before I die, is on the Mega Moves rhythm that was released last November. 


"I'm really happy with this project. There are 10 tracks from mainstream artistes with reggae/dancehall project and fans will be impressed with the line-up, trust me," he said. 

He added "This album was inspired by American producer DJ Khaled. DJ Khaled's 10th studio album, titled Grateful, distributed by We the Best Music Group and Epic Records, was highly successful. And I said to myself, I would love to work on a project like that, and now the dream has come to reality."


He pointed out that he named his album Before I die because of the fact that he was born a sickly child and no one knew how long he would survive. 


"My mother says I am a purpose, and there are a few things I want to accomplish before I pass away, hence the title of my first album," he said.


Skybad has been in the business since 2012; however, his biggest project has been the Mega Moves rhythm that featured artistes like Tommy Lee, Daddy1, Rebel 6 and Teejay.

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