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Oasiz born April 6,1990, pop singer/ songwriter 'oasiz' other wise known as venardo Calforni miles, born and raised in the epic city of Accompong Town, Bethsalem, P.A St. Elizabeth Jamaica west indies.  


A city where history prolong its greatest means. Where others on the other hand would say its a 'city of hope'.


He however discover music  after playing around his grand father old piano at his bed side  where he began to write all genres of music as he saw it as an avenue to escape poverty.


And from there  he began  chasing his dream, where he came across the good, bad and ugly all fighting for a piece of the same pie; A struggle he say as the business is invaded by thief and back-stabber who would rather want to use or abused him so he then decided to get certified about the business of song writing. 

Now me and my cousin sprangtan is on the verge to stardom. 

Coined the term " In God we trust" my journey of fame continues. 


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