If you want a CD EP with extra remixes  of the new track "JUST RELAX"  

Also available on ITUNES if you search "JUST RELAX MUCKER MUSH NANOMAN"

(happy days) Mucker Mush on iTunes  

Mucker Mush

Dj Dot Dot Dot First started djing in his bedroom like any good dj should it soon turned into a makeshift niteclub..the dj booth was a stage made of pallets and the walls were covered in egg boxes to help deaden the sound. He threw a party and the entire concents of the Cafe Tabac turned up.

Well we counted over a hundred in his flat now due to popular demand and the need to shake up the party sceane Dj Dot Dot Dot has returned from the clouds to give us a slice of cake with tea and biscuits with his lastest mixes, including the half baked bread mix, the nite shift manouvers and the Iidi

special mix filled with everything from electro swing, acid house, samples and along with a modern twist of dance remixes and reworks of some of the best classic tunes prepare yourself for a nite of fun frolics and complete and utter chaos.


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