18 year old up and coming artist from the great city of Chicago started endeavoring in the music industry around his freshman year of high school,and
with the support of his up and coming music team, DeadStock Music Group (DSMG), his close friends, and supporters, Mayo put out his debut mixtape,"The Naked Truth," in early November of 2011.

His expectations were not to get many downloads, but instead to go in with the mindset for people to see and hear how his hard work had taken his music skill as an artist. Mayo speaks about the struggle of being a young adult in the world and also about his struggles growing up. His goal is not to be like any other artist in the game , but to be more of a trendsetter, try new things, and embrace different ideas.

Mayo has created a strong fan base in the last couple months that is increasing more and more every day, and after every single release. He has opened shows for XXL candidates: Hopsin and Jon Connor, and also nationally recognized college artists Mike Stud and Huey Mack. Mayo plans to do more shows in 2012 hoping to draw attention from different people.

He hopes that if people put their mind to it any aspiration that they have they can achieve with his main motto,"Dream Big," which is also the title of his upcoming highly anticipated sophomore project set to release in late May of this year (2012) Hope you enjoy what Mayo has to offer and join on his long journey to success.

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