Koinz finished hes mixtape out now 28 Grams of Crud an now startin on my 6th mixtape 


so dere loads from me over the next few months i also linked up wid Rapcity and Badness Records and so its lookin kinda good 4 me hold tite Dj Maxim & Dj Reup

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1. How did your journey in music begin?
Basically i started in 2003 as a dj mixin old garage wid my team STR8 MERKIN. (SM)
Secretly man was writtin bars an after a bit i grew wid confidence and jus jumped on da mic at won shoobs n i duned da dance,

I got few haters started clashin few mandem got my name spread around London, then feb 2oo9

The mixtape is out now i have finished i I DO DIS TING VOL2 an now startin on my 3rd mixtape so dere loads from me over the next few months i also linked up wid badness records so its lookin kinda good 4 me hold tite dj maxim dj snake big up mark badness look out for MENDULLS trainning period and VIRUS strings and bass koinz will be on dem

2. Who are your main influences?
rah i dont even have influences but wiley k.koke gigs tempman scorcher n da kekkle man dem man go in

3. If there was one crew/artist that you would most like to work with who would it be?
the movement dem man are sik young telfon k.koke gigs ders a few

4. Who is your favourite u.k artist and why?
WILEY cos his got bare bangin beats/lyrics n always has from day 1

5. What do you in your spare time?
Well ima dad so my beautifull daugther Hope is all there gettin my attention, wen im not in studio
i play football, go gym and jus like chillin wid KEKKLE mandem

6. Explain Koinz in one sentence?

7. Are you involved in any up and coming projects?
im going to be on mendulls trainin period mixtape da kekkle dvd n gona finish my mixtape and start my ablum i also jus started to rap gona make a lil rap mixtape now hold tite maxim n snake with the hook up 2 Badness Records so its peak now

8. Are you in the music game for the money or the passion?
If im honest both i love making music dat is my passion, my music is wat im about,
n who dont want money, i wanna take my music futher n make money in da process

9.Do you write your material yourself?
Yeah obviously all i need is a pen n paper

10.Where can we hear some of your music?

By Daniel Hayles Reup Magazine.  Wix


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