Dj Reup 

Go for everything, stop at nothing. Prepare for the best but be ready for the worst. Dream like your living forever but live like your dying today. 

Haters are instrumental, if you see me looking fly, I did do that to offend you. 

Give everything to the right people and nothing to the wrong ones. All goals and targets can be achieved with focus and persistence. 

Not even god can judge me. Money over everything except family. Never never never give up. Love me or hate me, I run this shit!  



  • DJreup

    @SomeCool_Games @74Claw Thanks bro! 🤙🏻🙏🏻

    26th January @ 15:00
  • SomeCool_Games

    @74Claw Follow @DJreup on twitch if you like EDM and music production/dj

    26th January @ 06:10
  • DJreup

    @RAVENSCOON Get to wake up everyday and do what I love. Also really proud of how my mixes are starting to sound👍🏻

    4th January @ 01:57
  • sunglasssister

    drinkin coffee n smoking bowls gonna work on music all day. This is the fukin life

    3rd January @ 20:03
  • DJreup

    The only thing harder than making music is making music content😮‍💨

    31st December @ 20:33
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